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We specialize in Fine Art Photography, including Nature, Landscape, Still Life, and Travel images.  We use a professional printing service to produce all photos. Photos are printed with high quality inks and paper and most shipped flat.  Most images are available as Canvas, Metal, or Acrylic prints. We offer images sets featuring our most popular image collections that can be printed on a variety of papers, canvas, metal, or acrylic.

We also offer several items with our images including the following items:

  • iPhone Cases
  • Pillows Covers with or without inserts
  • Coasters
  • Totes
  • Note Cards
  • Mini Purses
  • Compacts
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The Photographer

“I tend to lose myself completely when I’m taking pictures. It’s like my camera becomes part of me and because of that, I’m able to capture a beautiful image.” ~ Anita Miller

Anita Miller is software engineer by day and fine art photographer by night. She is equally comfortable delivering sophisticated software systems for exacting clients and shooting abstracted flowers or close-ups of bumble bees. “Creatively,” she says, “there is less separation between the two worlds than you’d think. Both require a vision—and then the patience to see that vision evolve and come to fruition—no matter how long it takes.”

Miller sees herself as a listener/storyteller. Through the camera’s lens, subjects reveal themselves and are mulled over and assimilated intuitively. “I can tell almost immediately on looking through the viewfinder the story I want to tell or the vision I want to portray, which may or may not be immediately achievable. I spend hours taking photographs of the same subject to capture that one image or series of images I had in my mind’s eye.”

Nature in its broadest sense inspires most of Miller’s photographs. She enjoys capturing the transformations that occur in the natural world from minute to minute and season to season. “Because nature is always changing, each image feels fresh, like it’s the first picture I’ve ever taken.” Miller also enjoys documenting her travels. These photographs reveal almost abstracted views of winding city streets and hilly vistas, reflecting the labyrinthine mystery of places unknown.

Miller maintains a library of nearly 60,000 of her images, a testament to her long relationship with the medium. The time spent photographing is equaled in the studio. Miller is an interpreter of her own photographs, utilizing various editing techniques to ensure the original vision is properly translated to paper. “My greatest satisfaction is when viewers make an emotional or intellectual connection with a photograph that mirrors my original intention.”

If photography is her calling, Miller was fortunate to find it at the age of 12, when she received her first camera as a birthday present. “I honestly couldn’t tell you what kind of camera it was and it really doesn’t matter. From that point on I was obsessed with capturing anything and everything with whatever camera was at hand.” Miller began to pursue photography as a vocation in 2011, when she opened her business, Nature’s Images by Design. Since then, her photography has seen in numerous virtual and brick & mortar photography exhibitions and she has curated several virtual exhibitions for fPOE (Female Photographers of Etsy). Miller’s photography has also been selected for inclusion in celebrity gift bags at major award show gift lounges, including the Golden Globes, the Oscars and the Cannes Film Festival. Miller lives with her husband in Herndon, Virginia, outside Washington, D.C.


June 2014


Featured Artist, Capture and Creation Exhibit

May 2014


GBK’s MTV Movie Awards Celebrity Gift Lounge

January 2014


GBK’s Golden Globes Celebrity Gift Lounge


January 2014


Featured Artist, Women in Art 278 Magazine

October 2013

Curator/Exhibitor, Oktoberfest Exhibition, FAE

July 2013 – September 2013


Featured Artist, The Story of the Creative Exhibition

August 2013


Featured Artist, Imagine – Capture – Create Exhibit

August 2013


GBK’s NYC Fashion Week Celebrity Gift Lounge

September 2013


GBK’s Primetime Emmy’s Celebrity Gift Lounge

June – October 2013


Cherry Blossom Contest – Judges Favorite, Fotowalk Underground, Crystal City, VA

May 2013


The Artisan Group 2013 Mother’s Day Celebrity Gifting

May 2013


The Artisan Group 2013 Earth Day Celebrity Gifting

May 2013


GBK’s 2013 Cannes Film Festival Celebrity Gift Lounge

May 2013


Featured Artist, The Handmade Wedding

April 2013


Curator/Exhibitor, Captured Moments: Life & Nature, Virtual Exhibition, fPOE

February 2013


GBK’s 2013 Oscars Celebrity Gift Lounge

January 2013


GBK’s 2013 Golden Globe Awards Celebrity Gift Lounge

January 2013


Curator/Exhibitor, For the Love of Photography Extravaganza, Virtual Exhibition, fPOE

January 2013


Featured Artist, Reflections, fPOE Collective, Volume IV

January 2013


Featured Artist, www.Indiemade.com

November 2012


Official CMA Gift Lounge

November 2012


Curator/Exhibitor, Virtual Holiday Show, Virtual Exhibition, fPOE

September 2012


GBK’s 2012 Primetime Emmys Celebrity Gift Lounge

September 2012


Featured Artist, Shades of Grey, fPOE Collective, Volume III

September 2012


Joseph Miller Abstract Photography Exhibit, Joseph Miller Center for the Photographic Arts, Gainesville, VA

August 2012


Featured Artist, At Both Ends

June 2012


Featured Artist, Hot in the Summer, fPOE Collective, Volume II

May 2012


Featured Artist, The Studio Magazine

May 2012


Featured Artist, New Beginnings, fPOE Collective, Volume I

May 2012


Featured Artist, The Creative Collective


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